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STARS Podcast "Growth Mindset Mecca"

Dec 26, 2021

Crazy Carl, the host of Crazy About Crypto Show joined us to talk about all things Blockchain. He has been an early adopter of Crypto and Carl's outlook on the defi, crypto, and blockchain, in general, is one of positivity and levity. He understands with a strong community comes with a strong project. Couple that...

Dec 19, 2021

Founder @ Quizzy- Creating Content for Edtech.  Starting by hustling Chess private lessons to get money and a community of friends that have now followed him into the edtech and content creation world.  Hiran is a leader through and through.  Cannot wait to see this guy in 5 years! WOW.  

Dec 12, 2021

Endurance athlete is the focus of today's episode.  Kevin went on a journey to run 100 miles in one run!  He may have failed, but the story leading up to it and how he is feeling on it now is one you want to tune into.

Coach at HitchFit Gym
Endurance Athlete
Bow Hunter
#hitchfitgym (link below)

Dec 5, 2021

Jt00ns is the artist and creator of Ink Society and Hoodlum Society. Before he became an NFT artist, he was a tattoo artist. Now, he specializes in tattoo design, street art, custom art, and cartooning.

At 17, he found himself homeless, and started spending a lot of his time at a local tattoo studio. This is where he...