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STARS Podcast "Growth Mindset Mecca"

Feb 27, 2022

21 years post-op 300-pound weight loss. maintaining, pro-am bowler, recovered addict, smoking cessation advocate, and long-time community builder assisting others in their journey through bariatric surgery.

Feb 20, 2022

Kevin is pioneering Cryptocurrency donations for 4Kids paving the way for NFTs and Crypto to be used for GOOD! By using his platform to connect generosity to those in need. 4KIDS exists to bring hope, homes, and healing to kids and families in crisis across South Florida and the Treasure Coast. In partnership with local...

Feb 6, 2022

Today NiftyDreaming joins the STARS PODCAST family with this one! This conversation is like a nice stroll through the hills of topics like "dont look up" netflix series, to global warming, vespas, and of course web3 and NFT. We uncover why we are making decisions we make while creating our passions. Co-Founder of...